Who is Sanders Paint Techniques?

Our founder, Dinki Sander kissed the corporate world of advertising goodbye in 1999 to start Sanders Paint Techniques.  An ‘old-school’ Graphic Designer who missed the hands-on approach of pen and ink got excited about painting techniques on walls, floors and mainly furniture. 
Dinki learned from the best in the industry, and from there developed her own unique styles. Today, 17 years later, Sanders has grown up from a Home industry into a serious competitor within the furniture and kitchen industry.

How long do we take?

From collection to delivery an average job takes 10 to 15 days. Our painted finishes requires a minimum of 8 to cure.

How do I clean my newly refurbished product?

Our preferred product for cleaning Sanders Paint Techniques furniture is Cobra Wax. The wax has a paraffin base which lifts and dissolves any dirt. The wax feeds the wood through the paint and leaves a protective polished water resistant layer on the paint.

How “Green” are we?

Our products are not harmful but environmentally friendly and non-toxic for the painters as well as you, the customer. Our Paint Techniques are done using only Proudly South African Superior quality Paints, handpicked with an artists loving eye by Dinki. Our method of Paint Techniques, consists of 7 layers of paint; of which 3 layers are a high performance, superior quality acrylic non-yellowing emulsion / varnish. The varnish provides a long lasting, extremely durable finish that is stain and steam resistant and fully scrubbable. It contains fungicides to eliminate fungal growth (making it ideal for vanities in bathrooms).